Visit to the Garden of the Gods

Photos taken during my visit at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colo.
[Louis mellini/staff]

Two weeks ago, I was able to visit Colorado for the first time in a very long time to introduce my two-month-old daughter, Florence, to many family members during my Grandmother’s 80th birthday celebration.
I don’t really remember anything from my last visit to Colorado, I may have been 12 or 13 years old the last time I went, so I was very excited to see various sights that Colorado is so famous for.

Fall flavors shine in a chewy cookie

Fall is a season of cooler temperatures and changing leaves, and it also marks the return of autumn flavor profiles. Root vegetables, roasts and heartier fare are prime cooking ingredients this time of year. In terms of baking, treats spiced with ginger and cinnamon are in demand each fall.
Carrot cake and oatmeal cookies are familiar favorites this time of year. In this recipe for “Carrot Cake Oatmeal Cookies” from “Live Well Bake Cookies” (Quarto Group) by Danielle Rye, delicious spiced carrot cake is transformed into a soft and chewy cookie.

How to help students improve their focus on their studies

Teachers strive to create supportive and challenging classroom environments for their students. Such settings can bring out the best in students and help them overcome obstacles, including an inability to focus. The struggles students can have with focusing on their studies was apparent during the pandemic. A 2020 survey of more than 400 college students found that 64 percent were concerned about their ability to maintain their focus and discipline in remote instructional environments.

Ivey issues ‘limited’ state of emergencyAlabama Governor’s office

By Scott Johnson
General Manager
MONTGOMERY - On Friday, Governor Kay Ivey is issuing a limited, narrowly-focused state of emergency based on the surge in Covid-19 cases being experienced in an effort to support Alabama’s frontline heroes and cut red tape.
According to a press release from Ivey’s office, this will allow the state’s healthcare community greater flexibility to offer care for patients coming through their doors as the state’s vaccination push continues.

Why only citizens should vote

A growing number of left-leaning political activists and thinkers are proposing that Democrats should legalize non-citizen voting in a purely political power grab. In America, voting is one of our most sacred privileges as U.S citizens and playing partisan games with our voting laws will weaken the integrity of our elections. Even setting aside the problematic motivations of non-citizen voting, the political, cultural, and public policy effects of non-citizen voting would prove equally problematic.

Summer political happenings

This long hot and wet summer is coming to a close, and Labor Day is on the horizon. Labor Day weekend will not only mark the beginning of college football season, but also the traditional start of the 2022 political season.
Most of the horses are in the chute for the May 24, 2022, primary election. So let the fun begin.

We have a unique situation

Two school systems, two policies pertaining to students with masks. We have a unique opportunity to observe how these policies compare.
The Marion County School System began the school year last week simply recommending students to wear masks in classrooms. The Winfield City School System went ahead and required them in all of its facilities.

Heat wave sparks riot


Staff Writer

HAMILTON - Marion County jailers, Hamilton Police Officers and Marion County Sheriff’s Deputies had their hands full after a riot broke out in the Marion County Jail in Hamilton on Thursday night, Aug. 12, in Hamilton.
Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams spoke briefly about the incident to the Marion County Commissioners on Monday, Aug. 16, during a regular commission meeting at the commission office in Hamilton.
Williams said that the inmates became angered due to the high temperatures within the jail on the day of the riot.

Mule Day canceled for second year

By Luke brantley Staff Writer WINFIELD - On Monday, Aug. 16, the Winfield Chamber of Commerce voted to cancel Mule Day for the second year in a row, according to Chamber of Commerce President Dana Peoples. Last year’s event was canceled due to COVID-19, and this year’s event met the same fate. “We greatly regret that Mule Day 2021 has been cancelled,” a statement released by the Chamber of Commerce said. “COVID-19 continues to pose a serious public threat to the State of Alabama and to our community.

Terrell: ‘I’m concerned about where we’re headed’


Staff Writer

HAMILTON - Marion County Emergency Management Agency Director Eric Terrell spoke to the Journal Record on Friday, Aug. 13, expressing great concern about the effectiveness of the county’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“I’m very concerned about where we’re headed. We had a quiet summer, but a month or so ago, we started seeing that things were not trending in the right direction,” said Terrell.