Meet our staff

Scott Johnson
Scott is a 25-year-old staff writer for the Journal Record. He is notorious for writing novel-like stories honoring veterans and interesting persons. Scott resides in Hamilton with his beautiful wife, Madison, and daughter, Emersyn.

Mandye Green
Mandye is a 26-year-old staff writer, and the Journal Record’s newest employee. While providing news coverage for Marion County, Mandye is also working on completing her bachelor’s degree in counseling from Liberty University online.

Matthew Puckett
Matthew is the Journal Record’s 26-year-old associate editor. He spends many nights and weekends covering Marion County sports, and many days assisting managing editor Les Walters with paper layout. Matthew resides in Hamilton with his beautiful wife, Arry.


Teresa Gray
Teresa is the classifieds, composition, obituaries and calendar keeper. She also carries the role of receptionist, and is usually the friendly face customers will meet at the front desk. As the mother figure of the Journal Record office, she keeps each member in line and on task. Teresa resides in Hamilton and has three adult children.

Les Walters
Les is the managing editor of the Journal Record, and spends most days reading, editing, teaching and guiding the work of his millennial writing staff. Les lays out each paper and prepares them for publication. Les resides in Hamilton with his beautiful wife, Sherri, and uses every opportunity to brag on his two sons, Sloan and Chance, and his daughter-in-law, Erin, and grandsons Thad and Crosby.

Kristi White
Kristi has served as the advertising manager of the Journal Record for 18 years, maintaining relationships with local business owners and elected officials. Kristi resides in Hamilton with her husband, Jeff, son, Blake, and daughter, Becca.

Whitley Burroughs
Whitley is a 29-year-old advertising representative, working directly with Winfield and Guin-area businesses. Whitley resides in Winfield with her husband, Bob, and two daughters, Peyton and Presley.