AEA...dead or not?

Steve Flowers

The Alabama Education Association (AEA) was the most powerful and influential political organization in Alabama for close to three decades. The late Dr. Paul Hubbert was the builder and king of this powerful organization.

Editorial: Thankful for the opportunity

Two areas in Marion County have received federal designation as Opportunity Zones, a program established recently through the passage of President Donald Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Nationwide, there is speculation that the program will be the largest investment program in history, generating as much as $100 billion, which will all be funneled into low-income areas to help provide boosts in economic development.
Per the regulations, Gov. Kay Ivey was given the responsibility of choosing a portion of the state’s low-income areas to be designated as “zones.”

Column: Ivey’s step in the right direction

Last week Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey announced in a memorandum to the state comptroller that tax-payer dollars intended to feed county inmates should go into a county account and not the sheriff’s personal account.
Alabama sheriffs are given $1.75 to feed each of the inmates in their care. The sheriff gets to keep any leftover money without any oversight as to where that money goes or how it is spent.


Ivey advantaged for re-election if she can play it safe

The four best will be Troy King versus Steve Marshall in the Attorney General’s race;  the Lt. Governor runoff between Twinkle Cavanaugh and Will Ainsworth will be interesting;  the Agriculture Commissioner race between Rick Pate and Gerald Dial will be good; and  it will be interesting to see if Bobby Bright ousted Martha Roby from Congress in the 2nd District.


Editorial: Social media may hurt more than it helps...

We at the Journal Record appreciate the benefits of social media, like the rest of the world does. It’s a great way to keep up with family, friends and So-and-So that you haven’t seen since high school.
We like looking at sweet family pictures, we like to see who’s dating who and to make sure all of our friends are still married. You know...the social media basics.


Column: We the people

Faye Harris

Our fourth president, James Madison, once said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.” Alas, most politicians have little to worry about, men and women are not angels; thus those we elect to political office will never be without a job.

Editorial: Copying and pasting not what it’s all about

Recently it has come to the Journal Record’s attention that a misguided man has been copying and pasting our (allow us to make this plain--OUR) stories, to his website, which he proudly calls a “Media/News Company.”

At the footer of our webpage, we have a disclaimer which reads the following: “Printing, broadcasting or any other use of this content is strictly prohibited without the express written consent of the publisher. All rights reserved.”


Is much-needed prison depopulation creating unintended victims?

A former Hamilton resident, Sheri Goggans, 69, was kidnapped at knifepoint while visiting family in the city. Her abductor, Marshall Lee Gray, 33, had only been out of prison for four days. He only served 38 months of a 20 years prison sentence for first-degree rape.
Thankfully, Goggans escaped alive, but not without being stabbed in her forearm as Gray reportedly was trying to cut her throat. This has left us with some sobering questions.


Giving thanks where thanks is due

PalmerSometimes we need to stop and give thanks to the people who have inspired us to become better at what we do.    
Back in April I gave a presentation to the Marion County Genealogical Society. In the middle of that presentation, which focused on my ancestor, Joseph M. Palmer, I realized that I owe William Stanley Hoole a debt of gratitude.