Commission, legislative candidates must address roads

I heard it this past week during a Hackleburg Town Council meeting, I’ve heard Guin Mayor Max Maddox say it repeatedly over the last year and I’ve heard Brilliant Mayor Perry Franks say it: There is no money for roads and there is nowhere to turn for help.
 Any rural town or city you roll into right now, you won’t be able to speak to a public official who does not bring up the problem of road funding.


Amending local gas tax may help

Town officials in the Hackleburg Town Council addressed the desperate needs for street funds in Marion County municipalities at a council meeting held on Monday, Feb. 12. The council juggled the idea of wanting to get surrounding municipalities to band together with the Marion County Commission and attempt to get a legislative act passed that would enable the county to raise its fuel tax.
The fuel tax was the answer for infrastructure funding in the past, but our municipalities have been collecting the same amount of tax year after year while road costs have skyrocketed.


The year of the Republican

We found out during the 2016 presidential election that we live in the reddest--as in most Republican--congressional district in the United States. Almost 87 percent of Marion County voters cast their ballot for President Donald Trump, and over 89 percent of Winston County did the same.

Schools are more than a letter grade

The Alabama State Report Cards that were released on Feb. 1 graded every school and school district in the state with a simple letter grade--A - F--but many educators were unsatisfied with the way those grades were calculated.
Specifically, a significant weight of the grades were based on student scores on the ACT Aspire test, which many people considered questionable, since the Alabama Board of Education rejected the test as being incompatible with state standards in June, 2017.