Ennis’ presidency long overdue

Congratulations to Dr. Kim Ennis who was named Bevill State Community College’s (BSCC) new president during the Alabama Community College System board of trustees meeting on Tuesday, April 10, at Lawson State Community College in Birmingham. We are proud to hear the news--news that is most appropriate and long overdue.
Ennis has an extensive 33-year history as an employee with Bevill State, serving in a number of roles, including executive vice president, dean of students and two terms as interim president.

Those who have the gold set the rules’

Our antiquated 1901 Constitution was designed to give inordinate power to the Legislature. During the Wallace years, the King of Alabama politics, George Wallace, usurped this power and controlled the Legislature from the Executive Branch of Government. Over the last couple of decades the Legislature has wrestled this power back and pretty much excluded the governor from their bailiwick. Governors Bob Riley and Robert Bentley were ostracized and pretty much ignored. Their proposed budgets were instantaneously tossed into the nearest trashcan.