May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. We hope that you are mentally healthy, but I know there are times we all need some help. Know that this does not in any way indicate weakness. When we are healthy, we typically have a positive outlook on life, but there are times we all have periods of doubt, anxiety, depression and/or many other issues that rise up and cause disturbance in our everyday lives. We want you to know help is out there. Many times in our lives, our family, friends and clergy help us with everyday problems. If at any time you need more, know that Northwest Alabama Mental Health is here for you if you need us.
We provide an array of services for children and adults. We provide services for mental health issues, as well as substance disorders, children’s issues and services for intellectual disabilities. Feel free to call our mental health centers in Fayette, Lamar, Marion, Walker and Winston counties, and we would love to share the details of the services we provide.
If at any time you or a family member need to talk to someone after hours, you can call us at 800-489-3971. We know by personal experiences that at one time or another we all need a little help.
Local phone numbers in the five counties are as follows: Fayette: 205-932-3216; Lamar: 205-695-9183; Marion: 205-921-2186; Walker: 205-302-9000; and Winston: 205-486-4111.
Our mission at Northwest Alabama Mental Health is to provide services in our surrounding communities. We hope that everyone has a healthy and happy Mental Health Awareness Month.

Vic Pierce, MS
Mental Health Staff

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