Safeplace awarded nearly $2.7 million

HAMILTON -  Gov. Kay Ivey has awarded nearly $2.7 million to ensure that victims of domestic violence in six northwest Alabama counties are afforded adequate care and support to help them escape difficult situations and overcome their ordeals.

The grant to Safeplace Inc. of Florence will provide shelter and other services for victims in Marion, Winston, Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale and Lawrence counties.
“Domestic violence is a reprehensible crime that affects every segment of society, but the hurt for victims is the same,” said Ivey.

Funds will benefit new shelter

MONTGOMERY - Gov. Kay Ivey announced on Tuesday, Oct. 9, that 16 programs throughout the state that assist domestic violence victims will receive a total of $1.5 million in funding from the state’s Domestic Violence Trust Fund.
Safeplace, Inc., which assists victims from Marion County and which will be opening an emergency housing shelter in the county in early 2019, will receive between $80,000 and $100,000 of these funds.

Editorial: That IS our job

As the Marion County Domestic Violence Task Force kicks off its annual supply drive, we at the Journal Record have some things to say.
First of all, we agree with a comment made by supply drive coordinator Ellen Gregg, when she stated, “We have to keep the needs of the vulnerable at the forefront of our minds.” The Journal Record wants to shout that statement from the rooftops!
Too often in today’s society, people practice “looking after number one.” As long as our family is safe, we aren’t too worried about the needs of anyone else’s.

Annual supply drive is in full swing!

HAMILTON - The annual supply drive for the Marion County Domestic Violence Task Force has officially kicked off and task force members are hoping to collect more supplies than ever for survivors of domestic violence.
The supply drive will conclude on Friday, Nov. 2, at Shopper’s Value on Military Street in Hamilton. The grocery store is the only drop-off location for supplies this year.
According to DVTF supply drive chairwoman Ellen Gregg, she expects more volunteers and churches to be involved with the drive than ever before.

3M honored at Liberty Luncheon

Marion County showed its support for ending domestic violence at Safeplace’s Ninth Annual Liberty Luncheon, with many officials, Domestic Violence Task Force members and Marion County Department of Human Resources staff attending the luncheon.

MUSCLE SHOALS - Speaking to an audience of officials, social workers, activists and concerned citizens at the 9th annual Liberty Luncheon, Safeplace Inc. Executive Director Rachel Hackworth announced that the organization would be opening a new emergency housing facility in Marion County.
During the luncheon, hosted at the Marriott Shoals conference center on Thursday, June 7, Hackworth thanked representatives from 3M in Guin.