Two council member seats vacant

Doc Hudson

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HACKLEBURG — The Town of Hackleburg has a tough decision to make after the death of councilman Ronnie “Doc” Hudson.
With a seat on the council now vacant, Hackleburg has a short window to bring a replacement in for Hudson.
“With Doc passing away, we’re going to have to replace a city council member,” said Mayor Darryl Colburn.
“I want everybody to be on the same page with this. I’ve kind of thought about what would be a good way of doing it, and my thought is, if everybody had three people in mind. If we had a work session, and we had some common names on there, we could narrow it down.”
Councilwoman Pam Pickens asked if Hudson had ever mentioned what he would like to happen before he passed.

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