Hackleburg Council

Two council member seats vacant

Doc Hudson

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HACKLEBURG — The Town of Hackleburg has a tough decision to make after the death of councilman Ronnie “Doc” Hudson.
With a seat on the council now vacant, Hackleburg has a short window to bring a replacement in for Hudson.
“With Doc passing away, we’re going to have to replace a city council member,” said Mayor Darryl Colburn.

Former and current Hackleburg council members pass last week

Ronnie “Doc” Hudson

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HACKLEBURG — Longtime Hackleburg servant and Town Councilman Ronnie “Doc” Hudson died on Wednesday, Dec. 7, in his residence in Hackleburg.
Born October 12, 1949 in Haleyville, he is the son of the late Berry Dee and Mildred McCurley Hudson and the husband of Joan Crowe Hudson. He had lived in Hackleburg most of his life and was a member of the Hackleburg First Baptist Church. He had worked for the Town of Hackleburg and Wrangler. He was also a veteran, having served in the U.S. Army.

Council upset with Hackleburg mayor

Former Hackleburg Police Chief Jeremy Booth addresses the Hackleburg Town Council, voicing his support of new chief Kenny Hallmark

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HACKLEBURG — Hackleburg’s Town Council meeting ended on a bit of a sour note after council members Pam Pickens and Don Barnwell voiced their frustrations with mayor Darryl Colburn’s decision to appoint Kenny Hallmark as the new police chief in the town.
Following Jeremy Booth’s decision to resign just a few weeks ago, Colburn placed Hallmark in charge of Hackleburg’s police department.

Police force adding fourth officer

The Hackleburg Town Council is shown discussing business on Monday, June 14. Pictured are (from left) Hackleburg Town Clerk Carla Rector, councilwoman Pam Pickens and mayor pro tempore Don Barnwell. [Scott Johnson/staff]

By Scott Johnson General Manager HACKLEBURG - Town officials have given the nod for the Hackleburg Police Department to bring on more help. Hackleburg Police Chief Jeremy Booth was present during the Hackleburg Town Council’s meeting on Monday, June 14, recommending that Jordan Anderson be hired as a police officer in the town. Booth said Anderson is a certified police officer currently working for the Carbon Hill Police Department and previously with the City of Haleyville. He told the council that he and councilman Ronnie “Doc” Hudson interviewed him for the position.

Booth named police chief

HACKLEBURG - City leaders in Hackleburg believe they are making strides toward rebuilding the town’s police force.
Wage competition has led to scarcity of manpower for the department over the last year and town officials have operated with just two full-time officers and recruited part-timers.
Hackleburg Mayor Darryl Colburn believes the town’s new police chief, Jeremy Booth, will help lead in the endeavour.
“I think we can build a really good department with his leadership,” Colburn said.


Lolley wants radio station billed again

Hackleburg Town Councilwoman Tabby Lolley questions why Big 95.5 owner Hutty Hutcheson has not paid bills sent to him.

HACKLEBURG - Outgoing town councilors want a final effort to secure obligations they claim are still owed by Big 95.5 owner Hutty Hutcheson.
The local radio station owner, who rents space in the town’s recreation building, is pushing back against the accusations, arguing he’s invested thousands of dollars into the facility and that the council members are bitter because he didn’t support them for re-election.

Town issued clean audit report

HACKLEBURG - An audit report for the Town of Hackleburg for Fiscal Year 2019 revealed no errors or discrepancies.
Northport accountant Don Wallace met with the Hackleburg Town Council on Monday, June 22.
“During the audit, I did not identify any deficiencies in internal control that I considered to be material weaknesses,” Wallace said.

Glover hired full-time with police dept.

HACKLEBURG - Steve Glover has been hired as a full-time police officer at Hackleburg Police Department.
The Hackleburg Town Council voted unanimously to hire Glover during its meeting on Monday, April 27. He will be the town’s fourth full-time officer.
Councilwoman Tabby Lolley noted that about three years ago, the town had five full-time officers.
Hackleburg Mayor Darryl Colburn believes four officers will be enough to carry the local department, as long as they continue to use part-time help.


PeoplesTrust to help cover grocery loan fees

Hackleburg Town Councilwoman Tabby Lolley looks through a catalog prior to a vote by the council to purchase a new set of playground equipment for the town park.>

HACKLEBURG - PeoplesTrust Bank has agreed to cover any outstanding legal fees it incurred on behalf of the Town of Hackleburg when it was attempting to save its local grocery store.
Former Hackleburg Market owner Wally Kemp announced in July 2019 that he was shutting down his store after five years of operations.
When news emerged that the town’s grocer would be closing last summer, the town sought to purchase the $2-million facility and its equipment.