The Story of Charles Henderson

Since I hail from Troy, Alabama, allow me to share with you the story of our only governor. Charles Henderson was not only the 35th Governor of Alabama, but he may also be one of the most profound philanthropists in Alabama history. He is unquestionably the greatest philanthropist to grace Pike County.
Soon after Alabama’s 1901 Constitution was enacted, a pattern of electing well-heeled governors began. From 1910-1946 Alabama elected what we referred to as bourbon governors. They were usually successful businessmen who looked at the job as a civic role for four years. The big mules of Birmingham and the big planters of the Black Belt would meet in a board room and anoint their candidate, who they would privately back financially. There would be no other business candidate. These big mules would team up with the probate judges who were the power brokers and usually could dictate who carried each county.

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