‘We believe we might see another surge’

WINSTON COUNTY - In a press conferences Thursday morning, May 28, State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris and U.S. Senator Doug Jones discussed the increase in COVID-19 cases in Alabama over the last week, an increase that cannot be attributed to an increase in testing, but might have to do more with Alabamians’ personal behavior.
Jones hosted the virtual press conference on his Facebook page, opening the meeting by discussing how the U.S. now has over 100,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19, a grim milestone.
In Alabama, as of Thursday afternoon, 16,181 persons have tested positive for the virus, with over one-third of those positive tests coming within the past two weeks. The state is also approaching 600 confirmed deaths from the virus, according to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH).
“It’s important to remember that every one of those numbers is a person,” Harris said, adding that each death reflects someone’s child, parent, sibling, spouse or friend who has lost his or her life.



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