Hamilton Water Department

Water, sewer rate increases being considered

HAMILTON - The City of Hamilton is considering raising water and sewer rates to offset losses which the water department has traditionally suffered.
The Hamilton City Council met in a work session on Wednesday, Nov. 28, with Hamilton Water Superintendent Rodney Williams to hear the city’s options.
The current proposal would raise the minimum 2,000-gallon water bill from $48.38 to $50.19.


Water shortage during Labor Day weekend

Hamilton Water Superintendent Rodney Williams gave a public address at a Hamilton City Council meeting held on Tuesday, Sept. 5, concerning a unforeseeable string of events which resulted in some of Hamilton’s being left with little-to-no water during Labor Day weekend, Aug. 31-Sept. 3.

HAMILTON - Hamilton residents experienced issues with their water service during Labor Day weekend.
Hamilton Mayor Bob Page made a public address at the Hamilton City Council meeting held on Tuesday, Sept. 4, that due to a “perfect storm” of events with the Hamilton Water Department’s water purification system, many residents began to experience little-to-no water pressure at their homes and businesses.
Some businesses had to close for a day, while others were not unable to serve beverages.

Water bills now payable online

HAMILTON - Hamilton residents will now have the option of paying their water bills electronically and perhaps save a trip to city hall once a month.
Hamilton Water Superintendent Rodney Williams told the Journal Record that online payments are now being accepted through the City of Hamilton’s website, hamiltoncityal.org.
Credit and debit card payments are also now being accepted at the water department’s reception windows inside city hall as of Tuesday, Sept. 4.