Rough night away for the Aggies

Hamilton’s Kevin McBride fights through defenders.

WARRIOR — The Hamilton Aggies had a rough away day as they were beaten by The Corner Yellow Jackets on Friday night, Sept. 8.
Hamilton started to lose ground early on in the game with Corner scoring early in the first quarter of the game.
Corner added to their lead with only a couple of minutes left in the first quarter, leaving Hamilton with a lot to do after a few mistakes.
The home side again scored two touchdowns in the second quarter of the game, but Hamilton was able to score a touchdown of their own through quarterback Mason Holloway.
Hamilton’s fight back was short lived as, in the second half, they were unable to score again while Corner continued to add to their lead.
The game finished with a scoreline of 53-6 in favor of the home side.
Hamilton’s Holloway was the only player to record a touchdown for Hamilton, but Kevin McBride played well before coming off injured in the first half.
Hamilton’s overall record sits at 0-2, but there is plenty of time for Hamilton to improve this season under Head Coach Evan Shipp.
Hamilton’s next game will be played at home to Oak Grove on Friday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m.

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