Marion County BOE solving Chromebook waste

Pictured is one of 1,400 Google Chromebooks used in Marion County schools. The Chromebooks are expiring, and all Chromebooks are being replaced for the upcoming school year.

HAMILTON — The Marion County Board of Education will have to purchase 1,400 new Google Chromebooks for the upcoming school year after the ones currently owned by the school have expired.
Marion County Schools began using Chromebooks approximately eight years ago in order for students to have access to laptops during school days.
According to Marion County Superintendent Ann West, the devices last only a few years before they need to be replaced with newer models.
During a Marion County Board of Education meeting held in Hamilton on Tuesday, May 16, West informed board members that new Chromebooks needed to be purchased.
“What will happen to the ones we have now?” asked board member Doug Jones.
“Garbage. They expire,” West stated.

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