Winfield mayor explains delays on paving

A culvert under Midway Drive has deteriorated and collapsed, causing a severe pothole to form that takes up an entire lane.

WINFIELD — Mayor Randy Price spoke at the Winfield city council’s most recent regular meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 7, to update citizens on the progress of several projects that have met with delays and setbacks.
Price said projects to repair the pothole on Midway Drive and the traffic lights at the main intersection downtown are still underway but have met with complications that have continually stalled progress.
Part of the road on Midway Drive in downtown Winfield is built over a culvert that has deteriorated, causing a large pothole in the road that takes up an entire lane.
Price said there were plans in place to repair the damage to the road and the culvert a few years ago after heavy rainfall caused the issue.
Estimates for the cost of the repair project were over a quarter of a million dollars. Price said the city was able to secure FEMA funding to go toward the repair project, but when it was put up for bid, the bids came in over the amount FEMA would provide.


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