Kirkpatrick gives the “last word” to Hamm

Once again, and for the last time, I am responding to Joe Hamm. I know the readers are getting a kick out of the ridiculous debate that has turned into a narrative far from the subject of my original article.
My article had absolutely nothing to do with religion. I do not write articles or editorials about religion. My articles are political and in support of the equality of all people regardless of their religion, gender or race. It apparently offended Hamm because I am a feminist. It does not matter to me that Hamm does not approve. Therefore, his “worldview” of my rights as a woman to stand up for what I believe in is of no importance to me.
He is judgemental and obviously one of these preachers who thinks he has a right to cast his stones at those who disagree with him. This is why a lot of people turn from the church. Instead of pointing fingers, Hamm should be walking in his faith to win people to his church instead of using it as an excuse to belittle another.  
I will not respond or dignify anything further that Hamm has to say to me or about me in this paper; however I will talk with him face to face. I am not going to waste my space in this paper for another article in reference to Hamm. I will end by saying, ‘Mr. Hamm, sweep out your own door before you think you can sweep out someone else’s. Don’t worry about me. All is well with my soul!’

Lynda Kirkpatrick
Marion County Democratic Party Chair/ADP District 17  Representative

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