Three truck crash in Hamilton

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HAMILTON — A three pickup truck car wreck caused one individual to be air lifted to Tupelo, Miss. on the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 23, in Hamilton.
According to Hamilton Police Officer Tyler Norton, near Bexar Avenue West and Chestnut Circle, a pickup truck came to a sudden stop, causing the truck behind him to come to a stop. Norton stated the third truck involved saw the two trucks too late and was unable to avoid the collision that ensued.
Norton said that the middle vehicle was the most damaged of the three trucks. Two of the vehicles had to be towed from the scene of the accident while one of the vehicles was not damaged enough to be taken off of the road.
Norton stated that three injuries occurred in the second vehicle in the middle of the accident. Two of the individuals were taken to the hospital while the third individual was airlifted to another hospital.
He stated the rear vehicle had one male driver, while the front vehicle had one male driver and a female passenger.
The Hamilton Police Department did not release the names of the individuals involved in the accident.
Norton stated the current condition of those involved is unknown.
“Everyone was talking when they left. We just had one that had some pretty extensive injuries that needed to be flown out,” said Norton.

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