Hackleburg leading the pack

Marion County is currently trailing behind the statewide Census response rate.
As of Wednesday, June 10, 57.2% of Marion County residents have self-reported to the 2020 Census while 58.8% of Alabamians have responded.
Bear Creek - 60.4%
Brilliant - 53.7%
Guin - 51.6%
Gu-Win - 53%
Hackleburg - 62.3%
Hamilton - 61.3%
Twin - 57.3%
Winfield - 61.7%
Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments (NACOLG) Regional Director Beau Cooper is encouraged that Marion County is not far behind its 2010 self-response rate of 59.8%.
An official start date on door-to-door visits is uncertain, Cooper said. When they do start, he says response numbers can jump by as much as 10%.


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