Minter, Pyburn driving force behind JBAF

Forever friends Tyna Pyburn (left) and Marla Minter have been the driving force behind the Jerry Brown Arts Festival, which will be held this coming weekend at the Tombigbee Electric Cooperative, located off Exit 14 of Interstate 22 in south Hamilton. The 18th edition of the JBAF starts Saturday, March 7, and will run through Sunday, March 8.

Friendship, the kind which begins when you were little kids in grade school to graduation and beyond, can make for great partnerships on projects.
Such as the Jerry Brown Arts Festival.
That’s the type of friendship Tyna Tucker Pyburn and Marla Avery Minter enjoyed and still have to this day.
These two Hamilton native women are considered the backbone of the Jerry Brown Arts Festival, the JBAF as it is known to many.
Pyburn handles much of what would be considered the “grunt” work, and Minter has always fallen in right beside her. Minter is the person who takes care of the publicity for the festival and setting the stage for the next year’s JBAF.


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