Mule Day

Mule Day on its way

Mule Day is scheduled for Sept. 23 and 24.
WINFIELD — Mule Day is on the horizon, as the annual festival returns to downtown Winfield on Friday night and Saturday morning Sept. 23 and 24.

Mule Day returns


By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
WINFIELD — The scent of roasted corn, funnel cakes and other familiar smells are set to return to downtown Winfield once again next month.
Mule Day is still set to return to Winfield on Friday, Sept. 23, for Mule Night and Sept. 24, for Mule Day. This will be the first time the once-annual festival will be held after it was canceled two years in a row due to the pandemic.

Mule Day is back!

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
WINFIELD — The Winfield Chamber of Commerce announced via Facebook post on Wednesday, March 23, that Mule Day is happening this year.
The annual event was called off the last two years in a row due to COVID-19 but is now scheduled for September 23-24 of this year.
Chamber of Commerce President Zac Hallmark said everything is set to move forward.

OP-ED: Winfield doctors support Mule Day cancelation

Physicians at Winfield Internal Medicine submitted the following joint letter to the Journal Record:

Winfield city leaders have recently made a very difficult decision to cancel Mule Day for 2021 due to the dramatic worsening of the COVID pandemic.  Cancelling Mule Day has a negative impact on all the local businesses many of whom rely on the event for a large part of their yearly income.

We understand the economic impact of this cancellation.  Even so, we would like to openly voice our support of this difficult decision.

Welcome to Winfield’s 2019 Mule Day Festival!

WINFIELD - This weekend Winfield will welcome an extra 15,000 to 20,000 people into town for the 45th annual Mule Day Festival.
Winfield Chamber of Commerce president Debbie Killingsworth, in her first year in that role, says these last few days have been hectic as she prepares for the festival. On top of her chamber duties, Killingsworth also serves as the collection agent for State Bank and Trust.