Back through the years in Marion County...

March 3, 1936

This photo was taken on March 3, 1936, and is of a drug store of the time called apothecary. It was located on what is today known as County Road 13 in Bexar on the western end of Marion County.
Noticeable in the photo are the stove pipe coming out the front window, the wooden doorsteps, the rock foundation, the piece of pottery in the other window and the detailed woodwork on the building. Also barely seen is what looks to be a clothesline running from the tree to another building on the left.
The two signs on the building, not including the “office” sign over the front door, advertise tonics and the like of the era. The sign on the left is Cardul, while the one on the right, which looks ripped off, is Thedford’s Black-Draught.
The photo was taken by the Historic American Buildings Survey, with the photographer as Alex Bush. The person in the photo is unidentified.

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