Town of Brilliant Getting the news at home 75+ years ago

BRILLIANT  - Today's generation enjoys many tools of communication in this current electronic age, beginning with internet providing immediate delivery!
But in the mid-1940s, television  wasn't yet on the scene, and with the AM radio, it was tough to listen to the news when thunder showers were nearby because of the static interruptions to the audio. Newspapers were and are today a dependable resource of what's happening and where.
At that time, the local newspaper would arrive weekly by the U.S. mail and the daily newspaper was delivered by a local carrier in towns and cities by  a young schoolboy.
However, in Marion County, the Town of Boston (now Brilliant) saw an old gentleman, Mr. John Leonard, in his horse buggy, taking on  the chore of house-to-house delivery.


See complete story in the Journal Record.
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