Hamilton Aged and Infirmed Prison

Hamilton A&I saved from the chopping block

The Hamilton Aged and Infirmed prison facility

By Louis Mellini
Staff Writer

HAMILTON — Hamilton Aged and Infirmed facility has officially been saved from the chopping block on Gov. Ivey’s Prison Plan this past weekend.
State Rep. Tracy Estes, R-Winfield, and Sen. Garlan Gudger have been fighting to keep jobs in Hamilton after Gov. Kay Ivey announced that the State of Alabama will be closing several prisons, including Hamilton’s Aged and Infirmed facility on Military Street.

What’s the future of Hamilton A&I?

As movement with Alabama’s prison system has begun to stir, the future for many of the state’s prison facilities seem uncertain, including that of the Hamilton Aged and Infirmed. [Scott Johnson/ STAFF]

Rep. Estes gathering leaders to weigh four options

HAMILTON - Shadows of concertina wire and armed guards regularly stretch across the drive-thru lane of the McDonald’s in Hamilton.
Those stopping through the restaurant for a quick meal often get a front-row seat to watch white-uniformed state prisoners playing basketball and gardening during recreation hours--an odd experience for passers-through, but nothing out of the ordinary for Marion County locals.