Surprise tornadoes do damage in county

Foodland in Winfield receives damage outside when a surprise EF1 tornado descended.

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer

WINFIELD — A confirmed EF1 tornado touched down in Winfield on Wednesday, June 5, dealing damage to businesses, homes, trees and power lines, but not causing any injuries.
The tornado spun up without any significant warning.
The only tornado warning in effect was farther north in Marion County.
Winfield was only under a severe thunderstorm warning at the time when the tornado struck suddenly last Wednesday evening.
Shoppers and employees inside businesses in the Gateway Foodland shopping center were caught unaware as storefront and car windows were smashed and other damage was dealt to buildings near the shopping center.
A storage building behind the shopping center sustained roof damage.
Businesses including Subway and Mandarin House suffered broken windows and doors.
Ballard Construction and Real Estate had its sign knocked askew.
Foodland employees led shoppers to refuge in the produce fridge while the tornado ripped through the entryway to the store, tearing out ceiling tiles and insulation while ripping letters off the sign on the front of the building.  
Many businesses and homes went without power through the night after power lines were knocked down, but power was restored on Thursday.
Some homes were also damaged by falling trees and strong winds.
Despite the lack of warning, no one was injured in the storm, which was confirmed to be an EF1 tornado by the National Weather Service the following day after they surveyed the damage.
Marion County Emergency Management Agency Director Eric Terrell said the only damage he knew of from the tornado outside of Winfield was some tree damage…

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