Just call me Flash Harris

Faye Harris

I’m a “hurry wart.” That’s one who’s always in a hurry to complete one project because the next one is giving a hard nudge for recognition. And when it does, I’m on it like a flash.
Oh, I’ve run into problems living this way! When I wanted to have a child, I began making beautiful pink flowered dresses, papering our extra room with pink striped wallpaper.
Hey! Wait a minute! You’re getting ahead of my story by “guessing” I had a boy instead of a girl. Right?
Wrong! My first child was a girl. BUT before she decided to make her entrance, I’d had to repaper the room several times. You see, my brother moved in and he really wasn’t appreciative about sleeping in an all-pink-and-white room.
Then after he moved out, there was a young lady from our church...
But, back to the subject at hand. After my retirement, my husband decided we should move South because his two older boys lived there. However, since it was springtime and the hardware stores were selling out of their winter’s salt supply and their snow shovels, I’d already laid in the next winter’s needed supplies. Why, I’d done such a good job of this--I just felt so proud of myself and all these bargains--that I knew I’d out-foxed Mother Nature and anything she would throw at us come the next December.
Well, we moved South, where one rarely sees a snow flake and where school children eagerly rush to the window at the first sign of anything that even resembles one of these treasured items.
And me? I’ve learned to live with disappointments. I’m still rushing Father Time in anticipation of everything but my own end. My own end...
Why, I can just see this entire scenario now, when the end of my earthly days appears that is. I’ll be poised at the gate of the next thing on my agenda...
The Creator will just appear and say, “Hey, big girl...it’s MY turn.”
Astonished, I will ask, “What?”
He’ll just smile, rephrasing His directions with, “You heard me...TIME OUT...come with me. It’s just one small step...into eternity.”
Then I’ll probably come back with, “But, Dad...that isn’t even on today’s list!”