Troy Reed Column

Partisanship matters

When you hear the word “partisan” in the media, do you get the feeling the use of that word is to make you think something has been worked on by both political sides? Before getting involved with politics, I thought partisan was a type of cheese you put on food like salads or pizza! But now that I have developed an interest in politics, partisanship has become a very important word (it seems) to the Democrats in Marion County.

The Cleaning Crew of Marion County

If you travel around Marion County, I am sure you have seen those critters called turkey vultures. And most likely you have seen them feeding on whatever that object was that they are feeding on. No doubt the turkey vultures are important to our environment. They clean up the roadside of those critters that did not make it to the other side of the road.

The speed limit is my pet peeve

If you drive any vehicle on Alabama roads, I am sure you have noticed vehicles that seem to want to get so close to your bumper to smell your exhaust pipe. That is one of the many reasons a rearview mirror is in each vehicle. No, not to see the clenched jaws of the person smelling your vehicle’s exhaust, that wants to be in front of you. The reason is to see what is behind you in traffic to keep you safe.