Panthers win over Red Bay 28-14

HACKLEBURG — The Red Bay Tigers put up a strong defense against the Hackleburg Panthers Friday, Sept. 29, but it wasn’t enough to win the game. The Panthers took the win 28-14.
Hackleburg kicked off to Red Bay to start the game, only to turn the downs over and to have the Panthers score the first points in the game after a 66 yard drive. Panther Blaise Vickery got the touchdown. The Panthers got the 2 point conversion after a fumbled ball mishap. It was recovered by Jaquan Reeder and sent a complete pass to Vickery in the end zone. The score stood 8-0, Hackleburg.
The Panthers strong armed the Tigers’ offense and kept them back from their end zone for many plays, but eventually in the second quarter, after a 76 yard drive, Red Bay’s #1 broke through for a touchdown. After a good 2 points, the score was tied at 8.
It was a 75 yard drive for the Panthers, who scored next with a complete pass to Reeder. This time, the 2 points were no good, making it a score of 14-8, Hackleburg.
Hackleburg’s Cam Ingle had the touchdown honors at the beginning of the third. This time, the 2 points were good, making Hackleburg stretch the lead to 22-8.
For the last quarter, Red Bay stepped up their game. At the beginning though, they ended up in a punting situation, only for Reeder to take a pick six. A complete pass to Austin Gerald almost gave them the 2 extra points, but a flag pulled them back. The next try was good, leaving Hackleburg in the widening lead 28-8.
After a trade on possession each, the Tigers kept the ball the rest of the game. Tiger Jaxon Vinson scored a touchdown, and the 2 point try was no good. This ended the scoring at 28-14, Hackleburg.
Vickery completed 11 of 14 passes for a total of 85 yards and 18 rushes for 55 yards. Reeder came away with 9 rushes and 36 yards, and Davin Dulaney held 12 rushes for 25 yards.
On receiving, Reeder had 5 receptions and 34 yards, and Ingram had 2 receptions and 31 yards. Daughtry Gober and Seth Ables had 1 reception and 10 yards each.
Hackleburg will travel to Waterloo on Oct. 6, before their homecoming game against Phillips on Oct. 13.

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