Track facility begins construction soon

HAMILTON — Hamilton’s track and field facility is on its way to being constructed after the Hamilton City Council awarded the construction bid to Avery Landscape & Associates to tackle Phase 1 of the project.
“We’re hoping to start June the 19th. That’s the tentative starting date of the work,” said Mayor Bob Page.
“The project was just over $6 million. We’ve got an additional $553,000 for the turf that the city’s going to pay out of packet (outside) of the contract.”
Page stated the artificial turf that will be placed in the facility will be able to host soccer and football games.
Page stated the city is on schedule with its plans to build the facility.
“We think the timing is going to be perfect because we’ll be going into the best work months of the year,” said Page.
“It took a little longer to get all the technical plans worked out.”
Page stated Avery was the lowest bidder for the project.

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