Watha withdraws Baby Street rezone plan after public opposition

HAMILTON - A Hamilton businessman has withdrawn a rezoning application after local residents spoke out against his plans to build an apartment building.
The Hamilton City Council hosted a public hearing prior to a regular session on Tuesday, Sept. 7, to hear comments concerning a proposal by local businessman Watha Williams, who was seeking to build a multi-apartment dwelling on a half-acre lot on Baby Street, which is formally known as 2nd Ave. SW.
Approximately 15 residents appeared for the hearing to voice their concerns, and a petition of more than 40 local residents was presented.
The lot in question is located at approximately 641 2nd Ave. SW, just west of the heart of downtown Hamilton. It is currently a vacant lot. The rezoning would have reclassified the property from R-1 (residential district) to R-2 (multi-family district).
According to Hamilton Mayor Bob Page, the morning after the hearing (Wednesday, Sept. 9), Williams contacted his office to withdraw the rezoning application.


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