Board, city teaming up for new auditorium

WINFIELD - The Winfield City Schools Board of Education and The City of Winfield discussed plans to fund and build a new auditorium during a regular Board of Education meeting at Winfield Middle School on Tuesday, Dec. 8.
Winfield Mayor Randy Price and District 17 State Rep. Tracy Estes, R-Winfield, were in attendance to discuss the project with board members.
Price stated that the plan is to build a new auditorium and incorporate new administrative offices for  both the Winfield BOE and the employees for the City of Winfield.
“We’ve had a need for an auditorium, we all know that. When schools are having events, people are having to stand when they can’t find a seat. As a city, the police department has outgrown where we are at in the City Hall. The City Hall is too small of a building to work out of for what we do,” said Price.


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