Lolley wants radio station billed again

Hackleburg Town Councilwoman Tabby Lolley questions why Big 95.5 owner Hutty Hutcheson has not paid bills sent to him.

HACKLEBURG - Outgoing town councilors want a final effort to secure obligations they claim are still owed by Big 95.5 owner Hutty Hutcheson.
The local radio station owner, who rents space in the town’s recreation building, is pushing back against the accusations, arguing he’s invested thousands of dollars into the facility and that the council members are bitter because he didn’t support them for re-election.
During a Hackleburg Town Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 28, councilwoman Tabby Lolley brought up Hutcheson’s bills. She claims the business owner owes as much as $2,300 in power bills recorded during 2019.
“Before I go out--what do we have, two more meetings--I’m going to ask this again: has the individual (Hutcheson) paid his bill that y’all sent? Yes or no?” Lolley asked.


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