DA, sheriff push back on AL.com debtors’ prison scoop

By Scott Johnson
General Manager

HAMILTON - Local officials are responding to recent investigative reporting by AL.com journalist Connor Sheets, who explored a handful of cases of inmates at the Marion County Jail.
Sheets published a long-form report “How do you make them pay?’: Locked up in Alabama for Debt” on Monday, July 12, which specifically highlighted the cases of Charles Anderson of Winfield and Daniel Ables of Hamilton and their experience in the Marion County Jail and journey through the 25th Judicial Circuit Court, which serves both Marion and Winston counties.
The entire article can be found at bit.ly/failuretopay.
Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams and District Attorney Scott Slatton interviewed and answered questions in Sheets’ article. They both pushed back on the story and its implications during follow-up interviews with the Journal Record the day after the story broke (Tuesday, July 13)

See complete story in the Journal Record.
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