Young songwriter strikes a chord with ‘Alabama Weather’

HAMILTON - Hot, freezing, rain or shine—all in the same week, or for that matter, all on the same day. Yup, Alabama weather has a way of keeping you guessing.
Living through this reality during the first few months of 2020 were enough to inspire Hamilton’s Anna Kate Warner, 18, to pen an original song, “Alabama Weather,” that is quickly getting attention.
The lyrics to Anna Kate’s song can be found on page 3B.
Anna Kate, a senior at Hamilton High School and the daughter of Chris and Deana Warner, was born and raised in music.
“I come from a long line of family who can play anything with a string on it—especially on my dad’s side. His great-aunts, uncles and grandfather could all play and sing,” Anna Kate said. “On my mom’s side, my grandmother grew up singing and playing in church and my mom grew up singing and playing in church—it surrounds me.”



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