City will back DA’s abuse plan

Mayor Randy Price (center) and the Winfield City Council unanimously voted to pay $2,500 into 25th Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Slatton’s plan to hire a female investigator to help victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence and crimes against children. Also shown are councilman Rusty Barnes (left) and city clerk Angie Oliver.

WINFIELD -  The Winfield City Council unanimously voted to financially support 25th Judicial Circuit Court District Attorney Scott Slatton’s new plan to support victims of abuse in the county for $2,500.
Slatton stated that the council would be able to pay a yearly rate of this amount as long as it is willing, noting there will be no obligation to pay a reoccurring amount if the city doesn’t wish to after the first year.
“This is a project and idea that we have come up with through my office in conjunction with the chiefs of police and the sheriffs across the 25th Judicial Circuit,” said Slatton.
“Our counties, over the past decade, have seen a pretty dramatic increase of domestic violence, sexual abuse and crimes against children. These are specialized areas of the law and so they are very specialized areas for investigators, especially when we get into the realm of sexual abuse.”


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