Rocketry teams compete at nationals

PLAINS, VIRGINIA — Two high school rocketry teams from Marion County traveled to the Washington, D.C. area to compete in the final round of the American Rocketry Challenge in Great Meadow in The Plains, Va. on the weekend of Saturday, May 20.
Teams took their rockets and made two flights, and after the first, teams had to make adjustments on the spot to account for a lower maximum altitude the rocket was required to reach.

Winfield police make their move

The old armory receives a fresh coat of paint along with the internal renovations. The canopy marks the police station entrance on the right side. The court entrance will be on the left. Some windows are still waiting to be installed.
WINFIELD — The Winfield City Police Department has now officially moved out of city hall and into the old National Guard armory building located at 700 Rock Ridge Road.

Local library helps citizens by offering free classes

Those interested in taking free technology classes at the Winfield Public Library can scan this code to be taken to a survey on which class topics they want to see.
Local library helps citizens by offering free classes

WINFIELD — Technology can be frustrating to some people. To those who have never had the opportunity before, using programs, phones and the internet can be challenging. Now with a full staff, the Winfield Public Library has seen the need for technology classes and has been offering them for free.