Guin Council

Dixie Paving to pave three streets

GUIN -  The Guin City Council voted to contract with Dixie Paving in Haleyville to pave three streets at a cost of $50,000 during the Monday Aug. 5, council meeting.
The streets are 14th Avenue East, 10th Street and 15th Ave. E that connect Alabama State Highway 43/278 with County Road 44.
Guin Mayor Max Maddox said he had spoken with a few different street pavers and they all quoted him near the same amount for the job.

Council changes meeting times, will hold work sessions

Guin City Attorney Jerry Hester (left) shows a map to the Guin City Council concerning a plot of land in the Hidden Pines subdivision during the council’s Monday, April 15, meeting.

GUIN-  The Guin City Council voted to change the start time of its meetings from 5 p.m to 5:30 p.m. to allow for a work session before the start of its first meeting of the month. The council meets each first and third Monday of the month in the Guin City Hall council chambers. The council will now hold a 30-minute work session starting at 5 p.m. before the first meeting of each month.
The change was voted on after councilman Jerry Gann voiced his concerns about city financial statements.

Meeting ends early amid shouting, finger-pointing

Guin Mayor Max Maddox points to councilman Roger Agnew during a discussion at the Monday, April 1, Guin City Council meeting.

GUIN - What began as a discussion regarding fire hydrants ended in a shouting match, finger pointing and the abrupt end to the Guin City Council’s Monday, April 1, meeting.
The uproar arose after mayor Max Maddox took up the third item on the meeting’s agenda--the repair of fire hydrants.
The city has been compiling a list of hydrants around the town that need repairs.
Maddox said that he had made contact with a hydrant repairman in Tuscaloosa.


Council votes to do away with cumulative voting

Guin City Councilman Roger Agnew (left) looks on as councilman Bobby Bellew announces the spring cleanup day for Guin at the Monday, March 18 council meeting. Bellew said the cleanup day will be held on April 27.

GUIN - The Guin City Council voted to do away with cumulative voting as the method of electing council members at the council’s Monday, March 18, meeting.
Cumulative voting is a form of voting that allows each voter to cast multiple votes for one candidate. The method allows for a low population of racial minorities in a certain district the chance to gain representation on a governmental board or council.  

Council votes to place lawsuit money on bank loan

Guin Mayor Max Maddox (seated, foreground at left) watches as five Guin City Council members raise their hands to vote yes on allocating funds from the Hospital Tax lawsuit to pay city debt held by State Bank and Trust on Monday, Jan. 7. Councilman Gary Randolph (seated at left at the table) voted "no."

GUIN -  The Guin City Council voted to allocate the $65,863 it garnered from the Marion County Commission Hospital Tax lawsuit to paying down the city’s $1.7 million loan debt at its Monday, Jan. 7 meeting.
The council’s vote to put the money toward the loan was a surprise for Mayor Max Maddox who expressed desire to put the lawsuit windfall toward street repair or bond payments.
Repairing Guin’s streets has been a topic of concern at previous council meetings.

Guin hires two new officers

Guin Police Chief Doug Webb (left) introduces new police hire Joe Smith, III, Fayette, during the Guin City Council meeting on Nov. 5.

GUIN - The Guin Police Department has hired two new police officers to bring the staff back to full force.
The first of the two hires was announced at the Guin City Council’s Nov. 5 meeting. At that meeting, Guin Police Chief Doug Webb introduced Joe Smith, III, Fayette, to the council.
A few minutes later the council voted to create an extra patrol officer position to bring the total number of Guin police officer slots to seven. The next day Vincent Cisco was hired to fill that slot, Webb said.

Rhudy gives year-end report

Guin Park and Recreation Director Keith Rhudy presented a year-end report to the Guin City Council on Monday, Oct. 15.

GUIN - Guin Park and Recreation Director Keith Rhudy presented a year-end report to the Guin City Council at the council’s regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, Oct. 15.
Rhudy said the Guin Water Park finished the 2018 fiscal year $1,776.04 in the red. The water park had a total revenue of $68,247.94 and $70,023.98 in total expenses.
The negative difference, Rhudy said, was due to the Guin Park and Recreation Department’s choice to keep the water park open through Labor Day.

Agenda protocol discussed

Guin City Councilman Roger Agnew (right) tells councilman Gary Randolph that Randolph needs to wait his turn before speaking.

GUIN - GUIN- To begin the Monday, Oct., 1 Guin City Council meeting, Guin City Clerk Rebeca Markham presented an agenda that had only one item listed under old business and three items under new business.
In old business, mayor Max Maddox informed the council that he has not yet received paving quotes from S.T. Bunn or the county regarding the paving of certain streets in Guin.
At the last meeting Maddox told the council that he is looking to get Guin streets paved that are in the most need of paving.

Tesney proposes a new business

Derek Tesney of Guin approached the Guin City Council at its Tuesday, Sept. 4, meeting to propose a business idea for the city.

GUIN - Derek Tesney of Guin approached the Guin City Council at its Tuesday, Sept. 4, meeting and proposed a business idea for the city.   
“What I’d like to propose is that I’d like to open up a carwash/lounge with a facility at the back where you could sit back in the back while you’re getting your car washed and play a game of pool or drink a beer,” Tesney said.

Water, roads, fire hydrants top topics

Guin councilman Roger Agnew holds up a bottle of water that he says is a sample of water from the faucet of a Guin water customer.

GUIN - The Monday, Aug. 20, Guin City Council meeting got off to a contentious start after councilman Roger Agnew asked to add a few items to the agenda. Councilman Bobby Bellew, serving as mayor pro-tem, presided over the meeting in the absence of mayor Max Maddox who was unable to attend the meeting due to a family medical situation.