Hackleburg shuts out Phillips 41-0

HACKLEBURG — The Hackleburg Panthers celebrated their homecoming night with quite the game as they beat Phillips High School quite handily.
All of the scoring was done in the first half of play with Panther Davin Dulaney scoring with just under a minute played from a 24-yard run.
With three minutes left in the first, Jaquan Reeder scored from a 39-yard reception in what has been a very good season for him.
Right before the end of the first, Cameron Ingram scored a 27-yard punt return for a touchdown, making the score 21-0 at the end of the quarter.
Hackleburg would continue to pile on the pressure against the bears as Aiden Pimentel scored a touchdown from a 40-yard pick six.
Before the half was over, both Seth Ables and Sawyer Johnson had 39-yard touchdowns to their names, with Johnson scoring from Hackleburg’s second punt return of the game.
With end of season in sight, Hackleburg put their reserve team out on the field for the second half and held Phillips to a scoreless game with the scoreline reading 41-0 at the end.
Quarterback Blaise Vickery was four for four in passing, throwing 122 yards, earning the Panthers two touchdowns with his passing.
The Panthers now sit at 6-1 for the season as they prepare to welcome Shoals Christian this Friday at home.

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