‘We’re tired of it’

Winfield City Schools Superintendent of Education Randy Thomley, Winfield Police Chief Brett Burleson and Mayor Randy Price spoke to parents concerning the recent outbreak of vaping in the school system. School faculty and Winfield Police Officers are eager to fond a solution to ending vaping in schools. [Luke Brantley/staff]

WINFIELD — Interim superintendent Randy Thomley, joined by police chief Brett Burleson and the principals of the middle and high school, spoke to parents at a meeting on Thursday night, Oct. 7, to discuss the growing issue of students using vape products in school.
Thomley announced that the school system will now be partnering with the Winfield Police Department, since it is illegal in the state of Alabama for minors to purchase, use or posess e-cigarettes.
According to Thomley, as well as middle school principal Joshua Gurley and high school principal Adam Aldridge, dealing with the growing number of incidents involving vaping devices has started to interfere with students’ educations.
Gurley said that students caught with these products in the middle school have lost a total of 60 days of instruction time. Aldridge said some students who use these products have indicated to teachers and faculty that they are addicted to nicotine.

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