Dora defeats Hamilton 62-40 Friday night

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Aggies fell to the visiting Dora Bulldogs 62-40 on Friday night, Oct. 13.
The Aggies kicked off to open the game, and after the return, the Bulldogs started first and 10 on their own 29-yard line. The Bulldogs scored quickly on a reception, and they were leading 6-0.
The Bulldogs kicked off, and the Aggies made steady progress after the return. On first and 10 from the 50, Mason Holloway kept the ball and nearly scored.
On first and goal from the three-yard line, Eli Harris took the ball and scored. The extra point was blocked, tying the game 6-6.
The Aggies kicked off, and the Bulldogs started first and 10 on their own 35, but a rushing play by Dora’s Jayden Griffin resulted in another touchdown. The Aggies returned the favor by blocking the extra point, but the Bulldogs were leading 12-6.
The Aggies were stopped during their next possession before they could score and ended up turning over on downs.
The Bulldogs started from their own 34 and were held at bay by the Aggies’ defense until third down, when Dora’s Kesean Pryor rushed for what appeared to be a touchdown. There was a flag on the play, but it turned out to be a facemask call on the Aggies, which meant the touchdown stood. The Bulldogs scored on the two-point conversion, which put them ahead 20-6.
The Aggies’ next drive ended in another punt, but so did the Bulldogs’ next drive, which stretched into the second quarter.
After another Aggie punt, the Bulldogs were able to score another touchdown and two-point conversion to widen their lead to 28-6.
The Bulldogs went for an onside kick and were able to recover, and they scored again to go up to 36-6.
The Aggies started first and 10 on their own 31 and nearly turned over on downs, until Holloway completed a pass to Dylan Segraves for the first down.
The Aggies marched down the field, and eventually, Blake Vaughn ran into the end zone for another Aggie touchdown. The Aggies went for two, and despite finding himself in some trouble in the backfield, Holloway turned the play around and scored, leaving the Aggies trailing 36-14.
With 29 seconds left in the half, the Bulldogs scored again to go into the locker room with a 42-14 lead.
It was the Bulldogs’ turn to kick off when the third quarter began. Segraves made the return and was tackled at around the Aggies’ own 35-yard line, but he was severely injured on the play and was taken to the hospital.
When play resumed, Vaughn kicked things off with a great rush, but the Aggies couldn’t keep that momentum going and ended up turning over on downs.
The Bulldogs scored again on their next possession, going up to 49-14.
The kickoff was a short one and rolled out of bounds, putting the Aggies first and 10 on the Bulldogs’ 45-yard line. The Aggies charged to the 16-yard line, where the Aggies were able to score again. The extra point was good, but the Aggies were still trailing 49-21.
The Bulldogs turned around and scored once more, increasing their lead to 56-21.
The Aggies started on their own 26 and found themselves in a tight spot after losing some yards but scored on a pass, narrowing the gap to 56-28.
The Bulldogs scored again as their next drive entered the fourth quarter, leading 62-28.
Hayden Ables returned the ball to the Aggies’ 46-yard line, and Holloway kept the ball on first down to score. The extra point missed, and Hamilton was still behind 62-34.
The Aggies held the line, and the Bulldogs ended their next drive with a punt. Hamilton seized the chance once again and closed in on a final touchdown. From inside Dora’s 20-yard line, Brady Cantrell scored with just over a minute left in the game, putting the final score at 62-40 favoring the Bulldogs.
This Friday, the Aggies will travel to Haleyville to play against the Lions at 7 p.m.


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