Hamilton cracks down on dog issue

Concerns for straying dogs are being raised by Hamilton citizens.

HAMILTON — Hamilton Mayor Bob Page has urged Hamilton dog owners to take greater care of their pets following an increase of dog attacks in the area.
Speaking to the Journal Record on Tuesday, May 9, Page stated the City of Hamilton will be cracking down on those not following pet ordinances following a string of problems caused by dogs in the community.
“People who are allowing their dogs to run loose and not keeping them in their yard are going to be sanctioned by a warning at first and then a possible citation,” said Page.
“What we’re dealing with is dogs growling at people when they’re trying to walk on their street. We’re also getting reports of all these dogs that are beginning to gang up and get brave in groups.
“We don’t want them to attack a child or maul somebody,” Page continued. dogcm

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