Hamilton councilman arrested third time in term

Hamilton Councilman Matthew Sims is arrested for the third time during his term as council member. The latest arrest is for missing a court appearance.

HAMILTON — Hamilton Councilman Matthew Sims has had yet another arrest during his term on the Hamilton council. This latest arrest was on Monday, May 1.
Sims was arrested in December of 2021 for possession of a controlled substance, just a year and a couple of months after the start of his term on the Hamilton City Council.
Sims was due to appear in court for the matter on March 14 of this year, but did not do so.
Sims, who has been missing from the last several Hamilton city council meetings, has been avoiding law enforcement according to Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams.
Williams stated the MCSO has been looking for Sims since there was a warrant out for his arrest following his missed court appearance.
“He was hiding,” Williams said.
Williams stated Sims was seen at the Community Corrections Office seeking a service when an individual within the Marion County Courthouse called law enforcement to arrest Sims.
Sims was arrested on and charged with circuit court-alias, for failing to appear in court concerning his drug related offense.

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