Marion County Probate Judge

Signed, scanned, delivered - Deeds and mortgages scanned, backed up and available online

These deed books in the Marion County Courthouse have been scanned, the images cleaned up, everything backed up and fits in the palm of Marion County Probate Judge Paige Vick on an external hard drive (right). These records will be safe if the courthouse is involved in a disaster and will be preserved digitally. Additionally, the image files are indexed and available online for searches. Mortgages for the past 50 years and the reverse and direct index books and plat books are included. The external hard drive contains approximately 232,676 images.
HAMILTON — The advancement of technology has allowed the world to preserve and share things we would not be able to otherwise. Thirty years ago, if someone was asked to read a book online, they would not understand the meaning of these words. Not only can we read a book online now, the inventory of entire courthouses can be found online. Hundreds of books from the Marion County Judge of Probate office went live online Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023.

Probate judge announces new law for notaries public

Marion County Probate Judge Paige Vick looks over the new act regarding the upcoming change in the law of notaries public.

HAMILTON — Signature witnessing for the execution of legal documents is still as important today as it was decades ago, especially for deeds, law purposes and a myriad of other uses. Notaries public, who witness such signatures and affix a raised seal or stamp upon it, have new guidelines to follow effective Friday, Sept. 1.

Vick completes law institute course

Greg Cain, left, president of the Alabama Probate Judges Association, and Michael Hill, right, senior attorney from the Alabama Law Institute, present Marion County Probate Judge Paige Vick a certificate of completion in a course she took on basic law for probate judges.

Marion County Probate Judge Paige Vick received a certificate of completion from Michael Hill, senior attorney from the Alabama Law Institute, and Honorable Greg Cain, president of the Alabama Probate Judges Association for completing the “Basic Law for Probate Judges Course.”  This course was conducted by the Alabama Law Institute and the Alabama Probate Judges Association.

County recognized for improved organ-donor rates

HAMILTON - The Marion County Probate Judge’s office is being recognized for its improvement in registering motorists to be organ donors.
Legacy of Hope, a Birmingham-based organ procurement organization, announced the local probate office as the second most improved department of motor vehicle (DMV) offices in the state.
The organization held a special reception for the local probate office and staff on Friday, Sept. 27, at the Marion County Courthouse in Hamilton.

Marriage laws change Aug. 29

HAMILTON - New marriage laws enacted this past Spring by the Legislature will become effective on Thursday, Aug. 29. However, a county official is saying there are still serious questions in the air that need answering.
Marion County Probate Judge Paige Vick posted on Facebook on Tuesday, Aug. 13, saying with the change, there may be some complications for those currently considering or planning to acquire a marriage license.

New law requires notices for Medicaid estate recovery

HAMILTON -  Alabama Medicaid will likely increase recovery claims against estates.
A new law will require estate  claim notices be mailed directly to Medicaid in a measure which Alabama lawmakers hope will better enable the state agency to recover healthcare funds spent on individuals.
Marion County Probate Judge Paige Vick told the Journal Record that under the new law passed during the 2019 Legislative Session, estate claims opened after Sept. 1 of this year will be required to mail notices to the state Medicaid agency.