Winfield Public Library

Winfield Public Library partakes in Library Card Sign-Up Month

WINFIELD — The Winfield Public Library is encouraging people to sign up for a library card as part of Library Card Sign-Up month in September. The library has partnered with local businesses who have agreed to give a discount to anyone who presents their library card.
Also during September, the library will be forgiving late fines. Whether the book is five days late or five years late, the fine will be waived. Patrons who come in to update their library card will not have to pay the replacement fee either.

Winfield library hosts book checkout fair

WINFIELD — The Winfield Public Library hosted a book checkout fair event on Saturday morning, May 20, to promote many new children’s books the library received thanks to a grant from the Pilcrow Foundation, as well as support from local donors.
The Children’s Book Project Grant awarded the library with an original total of 68 books with a total retail value of $1,200.08, which were all on display Saturday for interested children and families to see and check out.

Local library helps citizens by offering free classes

Those interested in taking free technology classes at the Winfield Public Library can scan this code to be taken to a survey on which class topics they want to see.
Local library helps citizens by offering free classes

WINFIELD — Technology can be frustrating to some people. To those who have never had the opportunity before, using programs, phones and the internet can be challenging. Now with a full staff, the Winfield Public Library has seen the need for technology classes and has been offering them for free.