What does it cost?

For me, there is nothing that spreads as violently and chaotically as misinformed arguments.
We have become knowers of all and learners of none.
Whether it's about COVID-19 or any social justice issues, everyone knows everything.
There’s no more humility in our hearts, there’s no kindness, no grace--just the spirit of know-it-all.
I’m not sure what causes it, exactly. Were we always like this and has social media just given us a platform to openly show just how awful we can be to one another?
We can all be argumentative at times, we can all be nasty and without humility--we’re human, it happens.
But, it seems that we are proud of how loud and obnoxious we are to others.
We enjoy being combative about the smallest of issues and we enjoy the thrill of being involved in online arguments that lead to nobody feeling a sense of solution or anything like it.
We aren’t even happy with agreeing to disagree anymore, we have to feel like champions of every combative argument with our titles and trophies being engraved with the words, “I told you so”.
We live in a world where we are far too involved with every bit of information from every corner of the world.
I truly believe we are always at a war of words with one another because we, as mere humans, were never made to take in the incredible volume of information that’s made available to us today.
We simply know too much for our own good.
We have gladly feasted on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and turned our hearts away from loving our neighbor as ourselves--and for what?
What is the profit of constantly arguing about everything, even if you “win” an argument?
Is the reward of winning a verbal spat really worth losing a relationship with someone?
Look, this may seem a bit like I’m pointing a finger in rebuke at anyone reading this--I mean, I guess I am, but I include myself in this as well.
We have all made this mistake I’m talking about. None are without sin, we are all guilty.
Moving forward, in all of our conversations about any topic, we ought to be asking The Lord to DEEPLY convict us in this area.
We should never feel comfortable enough to allow debate to separate us from our own brothers and sisters for the sake of winning an argument.
Nothing has been worse about the current racial tension in the country and COVID-19 than seeing the amount of misinformation spread--and proudly so.
We take what we think and apply it as law in every scenario.
We are unwilling to listen to each other and we are unwilling to show any level of love--and in turn, grace--to one another. I have to ask, to what benefit?
We talk so much about how the government and the media are out to divide the country we love, but the division is completed with the work of our own lips--the words we speak to one another undo our own relationships.
Before you type out your angry emails, comments and text messages, I implore you, walk away from it, come back, read it and ask yourself if it is worth the effect it will have on your relationship with that person.

In most cases, it is likely not worth the all-too-common outcome.
Our aggressive opinionated attitudes should not destroy our love for one another.
We should all make it our business to make sure that we are careful and soft with our words, even if we feel passionate about something.

No argument is worth losing our friends and family over.

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