New garbage truck being rolled out

HAMILTON -  The City of Hamilton will begin utilizing its brand new Heil garbage truck starting on the first week of October.


Hamilton Mayor Bob Page invited the Journal Record to see the new truck, inside and out, at the Hamilton City Hall on Tuesday, Sept. 15.
The new truck’s most interesting new feature is a large yellow robotic arm that will eliminate the need for garbage men to take cans by hand and dump garbage into the back of the truck.
The robotic arm on the side of the truck is controlled by joy-stick operation inside of the cab of the truck.
New garbage cans were distributed to every resident in the City of Hamilton on Thursday, Sept. 17.
According to Sanitation Superintendent Mike Johnson, the new truck is planned to start operation on the first week of October.
Each can must be set out on the road in a specific direction in order for the robotic arm on the truck to collect the can properly.


Each can was distributed with information and a guide to properly place the can on the road.