Larry Lee Column

Survey respondents overwhelmingly support elected state school board

(Writer’s note: We use Survey Monkey for feedback on education issues. Unlike surveys used for political polling, responses are not sorted to reflect the general population of a certain area such as a state senate district where those polled reflect the district’s demographics. However, because the number of respondents is usually very large, we get a very good sense of trend lines. More than 6,500 companies worldwide use Survey Monkey, often to gather information on market share. LL)

Where are Dick Tracy and Sgt. Friday when we need them?

If you are an old-timer like me, or maybe just someone who listened while your Daddy told you about the “good old days,” you know that Dick Tracy was the square-jawed detective in the comic books and Sgt. Friday was the star of Dragnet back in the days of black and white TV. Like all good detectives, they always got to the bottom of things.

Del Marsh and his standards repeal farce

One of the definitions of “farce” is “an empty or patently ridiculous act, proceeding, or situation.”
I can think of no better example than the effort by Sen. Del Marsh to repeal the Alabama College & Career Ready standards.
First Marsh was a staunch supporter of these standards. In an article by the Business Council of Alabama on April 23, 2013, describing a capitol rally in support of the standards, Marsh is quoted as telling reporters that any repeal effort was “off the table.”