Vickery retires as DHR director

HAMILTON — Marion County Department of Human Resources Director Kier Vickery has retired from her position after over 12 years heading up DHR in the county.
Vickery, who began her journey in the DHR as a social worker in 1993, has served the community for 30 years in various roles.
Vickery served as a social worker, a JOBS case manager, a senior social work supervisor, an interim director for Pickens County and the director of Marion County DHR.
Vickery will now work as a social worker at Gentiva Hospice in Jasper following her retirement from the Marion County DHR.
“I have loved doing this. The majority of it is just fantastic,” said Vickery.
Following Vickery’s retirement, the State of Alabama DHR announced that Dwan Madden is now the director of Marion County DHR as of Tuesday, Aug. 1.

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