Board opens door on armed faculty

WINFIELD — The Winfield City Board of Education opened the possibility of arming faculty at Winfield City Schools during its regular meeting on Tuesday, April 11, in light of the recent tragedy in Nashville, Tenn., and the phone threat to Winfield schools on Valentine’s Day.
Chief of Police Brett Burleson and Winfield SWAT Commander Justin Cottingham spoke to the board to inform them of possible options for the board to consider.
“We break these shootings apart piece by piece, and we learn everything we can, both good and bad, so those lives are not in vain,” Burleson said.
Burleson said that Nashville police did an excellent job responding to the shooting, but it took them several minutes to get to the school and neutralize the shooter. In all, it took about 14 minutes, in which six people died.

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