Tracy Estes Column

Alabama Legislative Session: What went wrong?

State Representative

Before discussing the numerous achievements in the most recent session of the Alabama Legislature, I am certain many in House District 17 would prefer to speak of what some might consider the failures.
In the minds of many across the three-county area, the two most visible and controversial issues yet to be addressed in the state would be the failure of any legislation involving gambling and the funding of construction of new prisons.

Estes opposes public funding of charter schools

MONTGOMERY – In light of a recent debate in the Alabama Legislature, Rep. Tracy Estes, R-Winfield, has confirmed his commitment to public education and his opposition to using public tax dollars to fund charter schools.
“Those who know me will attest to my long-standing commitment to public education, as a parent, journalist and former school board member,’’ Estes said. “Since returning to Marion County in 1991 to raise my family, I have worked closely with public education in some form or fashion and will continue to do so as long I have the health to serve.’’


From employer to friend

Rarely does one have the opportunity to publicly express his appreciation for another. Yet this is the opportunity lying before me as I write these words. What has proven to be the most difficult part of this process is now knowing what to say.
What began in September 1991 as a relationship between employer and employee has since evolved into a deep friendship I have since come to appreciate more than ever.

How do we Make America Great Again? Instill patriotism in our children

Let’s begin by noting this problem does not originate in our local public schools. This issue does not lie at the feet of our local teachers, principals, school boards or superintendents. But while the problem does not trace its roots to our local schools, it is our students and future generations who suffer as a result.