Mayor Rob Taylor

Bear Creek’s Friendship Festival set for July 6

Friendship Festival t-shirts make great collector’s items. Shirts from small to 3X are $15 and come in mint green and stone grey. Attendees can also purchase a t-shirt ahead of time at town hall to wear to the festival. Shown are Bear Creek Mayor Rob Taylor (left) and town clerk Kay Wiginton holding up the 2024 t-shirts.
BEAR CREEK — Patriotism will be front and center in Bear Creek on Saturday, July 6, as the town holds its annual Friendship Festival at Twin Forks Park, located off of County Highway 79.

Street conditions and animal control discussed at Bear Creek

Large trucks are violating the sign pictured at right, and traveling down Bear Creek’s side streets causing damage to the roads.
BEAR CREEK — The Town of Bear Creek is sinking its teeth deeper into an animal control ordinance after a series of threatening situations, as well as planning stiff fines for drivers town officials claim are tearing up city streets.