Guin Council

July 4 fireworks event approved for city

GUIN -  Despite growing concerns about a second wave of COVID-19 effecting proceedings, the Guin City Council voted 3-1 in favor of holding its annual July 4 fireworks show during a regular meeting over the phone on Monday, June 13.
Councilman Jerry Gann was the only member of the council to vote against holding the fireworks show due to concerns about spreading COVID-19.

More concerns amid pool opening

GUIN -  With the City of Guin’s waterpark set to open on the weekend of May 30, the Guin City Council discussed concerns for the reopening of the park during a regular meeting over telephone on Monday, May 18.
Mayor Max Maddox and councilman Bobby Bellew both recommended that hand sanitizer be placed at the facility and that whoever is placed in charge over the facility after opening take care to enforce social distancing.

Pools being prepped for summer

Mayor Max Maddox is shown during the Guin City Council regular meeting held outside of Guin City Hall on Monday, April 20, in Guin

GUIN -  The Guin City Council voted 5-2 in favor of preparing the public pool to be opened up this  summer despite concerns surrounding COVID-19 during a regular meeting held outside of Guin City Hall on Monday, April 20.
Council members Jerry Gann and Roger Agnew voted against the motion to prepare the pool for opening due to concerns about whether or not the pool would be open in the summer.
Jerry Gann stated that he would like to wait two weeks and see if COVID-19 curfew would effect the opening of the pool, but ultimately decided to vote against.

Slatton gathers support for abuse plan

GUIN -  Scott Slatton, 25th Judicial Circuit District Attorney, gained the approval of the Guin City Council for his plan to improve investigations at the District Attorney’s office for victims of sexual abuse and child abuse by hiring a new female investigator during the regular meeting held on Tuesday, April 7, over a telephone conference.
Within the past few months, Slatton has traveled and spoken to several municipalities in Marion County in order to propose his plan and gain funding from city/town councils and the Marion County Commission.

Council enacts shut-downs

LOUIS MELLINI/staff Guin City Councilman Bobby Bellew is pictured reading aloud Mayor Max Maddox’s proclamation regarding the City of Guin’s COVID-19 response plans during a regular meeting on Monday, March 16, at Guin City Hall.

GUIN -  The Guin City Council unanimously approved a proclamation made by Guin Mayor Max Maddox regarding the COVID-19 response plan for the city during a regular meeting on Monday, March 16, at Guin City Hall.
Councilman Bobby Bellew read aloud the proclamation in which the city has ordered for the closing of all City of Guin-owned facility or property, including Guin city hall, Guin public safety, Guin public library, Guin recreation center, Guin senior center, and the city’s public parks.

Officials considering new city manager position

Guin Mayor Max Maddox is shown during the regular meeting held on Monday, March 2, at Guin City Hall. The council discussed the possibility of creating a city manager position to handle the daily operations in the city.

GUIN - Much debate ensued concerning the proposed hiring of a city manager for Guin to handle the day-to-day operations in the city.
Guin Councilman Bobby Bellew proposed the idea during a regular meeting on Monday, March 2, at Guin City Hall.
“I think, for day-to-day operations, (having a city manager) would open the opportunity to take some of the work and allow the mayor to go and approve and go do some other things for the city,” said Bellew.

Agnew, council point to lone officers at night

GUIN - Councilman Roger Agnew voiced his concerns about the lack of officers on duty at night during the Guin City Council meeting on Monday, Feb. 3, at the Guin City Hall.
Guin Police Chief Doug Webb stated that there is one individual that will begin training for the department in August, but Agnew questioned what would be done until that time.
“What are we going to do from now until August? There’s only one man on at night by himself,” Agnew stated.

Council will take owners of unkept property to court

GUIN – City officials are looking to crack down on dirty properties and untidy lawns.
Councilman Roger Agnew introduced the topic during the Guin City Council’s meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 21, asking how the city can address unkept and trashed property.
Guin City Clerk Rebeca Markham told Agnew that this can be done through the court system.

Officials say police dept. needs two more officers

GUIN – Councilors say the City of Guin needs additional help in its police department.
During a Guin City Council meeting held on Tuesday, Jan. 21, councilman Roger Agnew asked Guin Police Chief Doug Webb why the police department couldn’t schedule two officers during night shifts.
Webb said the police force currently has an open position it needs to fill. According to Webb, various agencies and sheriff’s deputies are assisting the department during night-time calls.

Gann voices concern over lack of financial reports

GUIN - “Last month we didn’t get anything on our financial statement or anything like that. This month we haven’t gotten anything again, what are we going to do about it? Are we just going to forget about it?” Guin City Councilman Jerry Gann asked.
Gann voiced his displeasure with the financial statement not being readily available for review during the regular meeting on Monday, Jan. 6, at Guin City Hall.
Guin Mayor Max Maddox assured Gann that the financial report would be included on the agenda for the next Guin City Council meeting.