Black History Month

Celebrating the history of Guin’s Colored School

Guin Colored School/Guin High School’s first classes met in Real Chapel C.M.E. Church in Guin.
The teachers were, Cora Swanigan and Micha Terrell Warren.
The location for classes was the Joseph Northington place in Guin.
The county then built a two room school, the location of which now is the Curtis Wallace place.
The C.M.E. church was also used. Students were bused from Winfield, Brookside and Brilliant.

Looking at the history of Hamilton’s Ada Hanna School

Edward Northington

(This February, the Journal Record will celebrate Black History Month by taking a look back at the Ada Hannah School in Hamilton and the stories that surround it.)

Edward Northington
My name is Edward Clifton Northington, and I moved to Bexar when I was nine years old.
I started Ada Hanna when I was in the third grade. One of my teachers was Mrs. Tiney Bobo.  
And later I had a student crush on Mrs. Edith Parks.

Miles Terrell’s story

Miles Terrell

Mrs. Northington and Ms. Spears were my favorite teachers. I remember participating in the Spelling B's against Guin’s black school, and I also remember participating in the annual track and field events against all the other black schools from Guin, Sulligent, Vernon and Fayette. I also remember we used to have school plays every year. Riding the school bus with Uncle Denton and cousin Napoleon was also fun back in the day.
Terrell currently resides in Southfield, Mich. He attended Ada Hanna from first grade through sixth grade.